Understand your No-Show situation

No-Shows significantly affect your patients, your team, and your bottom line. A Sibyl No-Show Assessment provides you with valuable analysis that can make a real difference in your operation.

In an Assessment, Sibyl studies your appointment history and delivers a State of the Schedule Report. With the report you learn:

Your true No-Show rate

No-Show predictors for each of your sites

Your overbooking effectiveness

How well your scheduling works & why

The revenue impact of your No-Shows

A closer look at Sibyl assessments

Sibyl does more than predict the future. Her powerful assessment algorithms can also help you see more clearly into the present.

1. Your true No-Show rate

Most clinic leaders don't know their true No-Show rate, nor the full extent of the damage no-shows are doing to their operation.

Only when a problem is understood can it be properly addressed.  Sibyl provides a detailed and clear picture of your situation. She also tells you how you compare to your peers.

2. Your No-Show predictors

The reasons for no-shows vary from one urban area to the next, and those will be even more different from rural sites.

Sibyl looks at 60 different patient variables and calculates which variable clusters become no-shows at your specific locations. Her report arms you with the data to understand your no-show patient groupings and the root causes.

3. Your overbooking effectiveness

Does your current overbooking strategy reduce the damage from patient No-Shows?

Sibyl will analyze the efficiency and impact of your current scheduling. She will tell you how often over-booking succeeds in filling gaps and how often it escalates patient wait-times.

4. How well your scheduling works & why

How many more patients could you see each year with an optimized schedule?

patient access graphic.png

Access to the right care is the first step toward positive health outcomes. Sibyl gives you powerful insight into the impact that No-Shows and sub-optimal scheduling are having on access to care for your patient population.

5. Your No-Show revenue loss

No-Shows cost healthcare providers $150B each year.

A macro-eyes customer with 13 clinics was losing $15.3M each year due to No-Shows. A Sibyl Assessment will identify your direct revenue loss and the opportunity.

How a Sibyl assessment works

Sibyl begins with an in-depth analysis of 2 years of appointment history from your locations. Computation occurs in her HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-Certified secure environment, built and protected for macro-eyes by clearDATA.

After all the numbers have been crunched, the Sibyl team will present the State of the Schedule Report to your leadership group. The report is a detailed picture that gives you a solid handle on the no-show problem at your clinic locations.

Access to care is our passion

The Sibyl team is committed to helping clinics provide patients with access to care. We recognize that each organization's financial situation is different.

Because a Sibyl Assessment can be so useful in helping clinics improve access to care for their patients, we have programs to make them affordable for organizations of all sizes and situations.

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