Sibyl is a new intelligent scheduling technology that increases access to care by predicting the future and then improving it.


Benefit to Patients

Timely access to care

Less time in the waiting room

More time with the physician

Benefit to Providers

More predictable daily schedules

Reduced overbooking

Less stress and improved staff morale

Benefit to Administrators

Increased revenue

Provide more care with the same fixed costs

Demand is predictable; improve operational efficiency


What if you knew the future?

Sibyl uses that knowledge to build a schedule, appointment by appointment, that fills gaps before they happen. Sibyl makes the day more predictable.

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How Sibyl works

When a patient calls for an appointment, Sibyl’s sophisticated algorithms begin crunching the data. She looks at practitioner availability, utilization targets, similar types of care scheduled by similar patients, and the current clinic schedule — including most likely No-Shows.

In an instant Sibyl solves a scheduling puzzle no human mind could hope to manage.

Sibyl in 60 seconds:

Sibyl provides the front desk scheduler with appointment time recommendations. The recommendations are automatically tailored to the patient’s needs, and they are optimized for the clinic’s available resources.

Each individual appointment decision is a component of a larger optimization calculation.

Improving the future

Sibyl only double-books to fill slots that will otherwise result in No-Shows. The technology maximizes the likelihood that 1 patient will show for every 1 slot.

No more expensive gaps in the schedule. No more jamming three patients into one time slot.

Practitioners’ daily schedules become predictable. Time in the waiting room is reduced. More patients are seen. Everyone is happy.

Easy to use and install

Sibyl does not replace the scheduling system that your clinic uses every day. Instead, Sibyl is an add-on that works like a pop-up window in a web browser.


The interface is easy and intuitive. Team training is as simple as a 5-minute video. If you have ever seen a Google search suggestion, you can use Sibyl. All her powerful sophistication is hidden behind the easy-to-use front end.

Sibyl is HIPAA compliant. She only looks at limited data in your system and does not replace any of it. Getting her running is quick and straightforward. For most IT teams Sibyl takes less than 11 total hours to install.

Let’s talk

To solve a problem, you need to understand it. Let Sibyl’s powerful algorithms assess your organization’s real No-Show rate and its impact on your operations.

To start a conversation or to set up a no-risk assessment drop us a line.